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    Linux Mint Mate 64 bit Installation with windows 7 ultimate 64 bit


    My system had Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) installed.
    It had following drives:

    C: - Windows ~ 50 GB
    D: ~ 500 GB
    E: ~ 400 GB
    Unallocated space ~ 50 GB

    I wanted to install linux Mint 14.1-Mate - (64 bit) in Unallocated Space (50 GB).

    When I put linux DVD and tried to install, it asked "in which drive to install linux". It showed following volume space:

    1 MB - (I don't know what is this for)
    101 MB (I think System Reserve volume)
    ~ 50 GB (C Drive)
    ~ 500 GB (D Drive)
    ~ 400 GB (E Drive)

    IT DID NOT SHOW UNALLOCATED SPACE, where I wanted to install Linux.

    Someone told me to format unallocated space in windows through DEVICE MANAGER. I formatted it in NTFS (default).
    All my drives converted into Dynamic type from Basic type.

    In device manager the box showing partitions has blue colour , which converted into yellow colour.

    When I tried to install linux again, it showed following drives in which I can install linux mint.

    1 MB - (I don't know what is this for)
    101 MB (I think System Reserve volume)
    ~ 50GB ( C-drive )
    ~ 899 GB

    I searched on internet, I came to know that since I formatted unallocated Space in NTFS type, all my drives converted into Dynamic type from Basic type. In device manager the box showing partitions has blue colour , which converted into yellow colour.

    Someone told to delete all partitions from linux and reinstall windows.

    I did that, all my partitions were deleted in linux and it showed free space of approx 1 terabyte.

    Then I tried to install Window 7 again. When it asked for partitions, it again showed C drive, D drive, E drive and unallocated space. None of the drives could be deleted during installation. I quit Windows Installation.

    I deleted all these drives except C drive from Windows device manager. Except C-drive, finally I got Unallocated Space of about 940 GB.
    But still same problem is occurring.

    During Installation of windows, I am not able to delete any drive.

    So, I reinstalled windows in C-drive.New windows was installed. I went to Device Manager and partitioned unallocated space again into two drives. One of the drive I kept as exFAT ( in this I can install linux ) and other drive as NTFS. Now I have C-Drive (NTFS and dynamic), D-Drive (NTFS and Dynamic), E-Drive (FAT and Dynamic) and unallocated space.

    Then I tried to install Linux, but again except C-drive, it is showing all other partitions as one unallocated space.

    I want to install windows after deleting all drives (C, D, E) and then linux from the start afresh.


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    Your problems are trying to install on a dynamic disk, see the Mint forums article at the link below:

    Linux Mint Forums ? View topic - Warning: Don't install linux on a Windows Dynamic disk

    and the filesystem type. You will need a Linux type filesystem and for the current release of Mint it would be ext4. ntfs won't work and although you could use vfat, it won't work very well.l

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    Just trying to help

    If your still looking for advice, this is what I would do. I take it there is nothing on this drive you need and that its a 1 terabyte drive, if that is true then download and burn Gparted, or any other partition editor you would like to use, you can even use the Mint disk or the win7 disk also for this but they are a little trickier to use. Burn Gparted to use as a live DVD, remove all partitions and then remake one for your windows install, I would use 150gb at least, then make another next to that for Mint, recommend at least 30gb, you can format them to ntfs if you wish, Mint will see the space and will have you add a swap space then reformat to ext4 for the install, then you can leave the rest of the drive or divide as you wish after installing win 7. I'm not sure how but I have 5 primary partitions on 1 disk, thought I was only allowed 4 but Mint is one of them. Won't let me upload a pic of my drives but I tried to show what mine looks like in Disk Management. Hope I was able to help.

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    To rsvp.

    I had a problem with installing on a 1 tb disk for a Win 7 Ult and Linux Mint. Problems corrupted the drive and I had several unwanted partitions, so I hooked up the drive with a drive with Windows on it and using the - Administration tools ( Disk Mangement) in windows it showed the good drive I was using and the bad partitioned drive in the drives window. I deleted all the partitions on the bad drive and and formatted it to a simple volume and made it active. I closed out and hook up the reformatted drive and using the Gparted partitioner in the live CD on Mint I partitioned the drive as 1/2 and 1/2 the first poritoned I formated as NTFS and the Second as R3 and then shrunk it to allow a 10gb swap on the end of it. I then booted out of the live cd and installed Win7 other NTFS partition and then booted the Live Linux cd again and installed the Linux Mint on the second 1/2 and let it install the Grub boot loader at the very end of the install (The Grub boot loader brings up a screen at boot to allow you to boot to Win 7 or Linux. My main reason for this post it to let you know that you can rid all the partitions on a badly partitioned drive and make it a simple volume through the Win 7 Administration Tools. I had tried other partitioners but none worked the Win 7 Disk management saved the day.

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