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    Install Mint on MacBook. What to do with grub boot loader

    Okay, I am trying to install Mint on a MacBook.
    I am using a Mint Cinnamon 64bit version and I already ran it from dvd. Worked quite well.

    Also I found someone in a forum who said he managed to install it and he gave a little short howto. He said, basically, to not mess around with the hard disk in the installer. Instead, one should use Mac's very own disc utils to create a partition for root and a partition for swap.

    Sounds quite easy. Creating partition, formating it ext4 and swap. He then goes on explaining that to change into mint, you've got to hold down the alt key. Mint will be called Windows. But it will be Mint. Sadly he neglected to mention where the boot loader shall be put.

    That doesn't sound like a grub boot loader. Holding down the alt key suggests it is the mac's very own boot loader. So, when the mint install asks me what to do with grub, what do I answer? If I answer /dev/sda, I will screw up my system, won't I?

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    don't have a Mac myself, but I've heard about refit. it is some sort of boot manager for Mac, I think? Give it a look, maybe.

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    That website looks promising. Thanks.

    Oh darn, it doesn't tell me what to do with grub. Does refit need grub chain-loaded or something? But since it doesn't say anything about it, I keep that option at default for now and I'll try to wreck havoc on my mac later this day.

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    Okay, summary:
    Thanks for the tip with rEFIt. It worked like a charm. The link didn't answer where to put the boot loader while the installation and since nobody mentioned it, I just keep it as default. In the end, after installing rEFIt, my hard drive looked pretty much: /dev/sda1 = rEFIt; /dev/sda2 = OSX; /dev/sda3 = recovery; /dev/sda4 = Mint; /dev/sda5 = SWAP. After adding grub to /dev/sda, it installed fine. When I start my Mac now, first rEFIt is loaded from sda1 and I do have a choice between OSX and Mint. OSX regularily loads OSX. By choosing Linux, I am chainloaded into grub and I do have the usual grub choices, even including starting OSX, though that doesn't seem to work. Gonna set grub auto time out to 0 seconds. Anyway, just if someone has similar problems, installing into /dev/sda worked great. Thanks for your help atreyu.

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