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    SSH -- Wanting GUI, sysadmin beginner!

    Hi guys (first post),

    I have a great friend that was so kind as to set me up on his server with a version of Mint and said have at it! I have taken a few Linux courses, so I'm okay with the CLI but I want a GUI to play with.

    I am running the machine via SSH on a different than usual port for SSH and don't have direct access to the machine. I want to use what I have and display a "team viewer / logmein" style GUI where I can interact, but I only have the 1 port to play on. I know the port as well.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You have a couple of options. You can forward X events over the ssh connection, there's an option you put in your .ssh\config to do that, or you can specify, (iirc) -X on the ssh command line.

    You could also run a VNC service on the remote end and forward the VNC port over the ssh connection.

    Take a look at the man page for ssh config to find out how all of these things can be done (they are pretty simple in practice). You need to specify the X or port forwarding on the client, but there are server overrides that can turn off these features, so if it doesn't work you may need to change the sshd_config on the server.
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