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    Duel boot linux and windows on 2 ssds.

    Hello Im trying to duel boot Linux mint 15 and windows 7 on to seperate ssds. I have both oses installed on each drive but when I plug them in to work together everyting messes up. I don't know what else to do. Thanks.

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     but when I plug them in to work together everyting messes up.

    Mine aren't ssd. But I have 2 different ide hard drives in separate bays quadbooting 4 different Linux installs. No Windows in that IBM M41 Desktop (it would not handle the strain of Windows 7 or

    Time for you to boot a live iso and post as sudo or root

    fdisk -l

    instead of messes up.

    By the way. Both SSD drives need to be plugged in for those commands. Also explicit details on how you installed Windows Bootloader and Mints Bootloader during installs are required.

    Might just be you just need to change boot order in bios to get one or the other to boot depending on how you installed bootloader. Me. I used one bootloader and installed grub to root on all my other installs and chainloaded them into the one grub install. (clear as mud, I know).
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