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    Questions About Linux Mint and Replicating Some Windows XP Actions

    Hello Everyone,

    Okay so I have a some general questions about Linux Mint and also some advice about replicating some Windows XP functions in Linux Mint.

    First off I am currently using Linux Mint 14 but I am willing to update to 15 if any of these questions are solved in the newer version.

    1.) Can you format a USB flash drive without having to install any additional software to do so?
    Saw one tutorial that said you can do it by downloading GParted, and in another tutorial it showed someone using I believe Linux Mint 12 and he just right clicked the mounted USB on the desktop and in the menu it showed "format" option in the menu, but I do not see this option on mine. This is ideally how I would like to do it with the right click menu.

    2.) I have been trying to assign some hotkeys/shortcuts but I have not been able to get them to work successfully. I know to go under Keyboards, Shortcuts, +Add Custom Shortcut, I type in the description, I browse to the program exe, and then I assign what key combination I want and it registers, but when I try it out nothing happens.
    Some shortcuts I want basically revolve around the Super key (Windows keyboard key) so I want....
    Super-E = Open up the File Explorer
    Super-F = Open up Firefox
    I mean when I hit the super key alone it opens up the Linux Menu and when press Super-D it is already setup to show the desktop, so I know the super key works with Linux I just have not been able to.

    3.) When I am away from my computer for a while, Linux Mint locks out the desktop requiring me to put in my password, can someone tell me where the setting for this is? I think I would like to turn this off if possible.

    4.) Also am I right is saying that Linux Mint does not have a built in screen saver?

    Windows Action Replication Questions

    5.) In Windows when you want to rename a single file if you highlight the file and then click the file once it goes into the renaming mode/function which allows you to type a new file name. Does this feature exist in Linux Mint as some kind of setting? I know that the F2 function key works to rename but my keyboard is a little weird where I have to hit a function button in order to access the function keys.
    I also know there are programs that are designed for renaming multiple files as well, but I am looking for an easy way when I want to rename a couple files, quickly.

    6.) In Windows when you drag files to copy/move them to another separate device such as a USB drive, when you left click and drag the files it copies the files and when you right click the file and drag you get a little menu that pops up when you release the right mouse button that gives you the option to "move here" "copy here" "create shortcut here" and "cancel". Does anything like this exist in Linux Mint? I don't always use this little menu but sometimes it is a convenient feature.

    7.) In Windows you can assign what programs open up certain types of files.
    For example if you want to open up all MP3 files with Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc. there is a setting that allows you to do this. Can someone tell me if this exists in Linux Mint, I found something kind of like this but it only had like five types of files on it with drop down menus to set the programs (such as general media files like video, music, etc.) but what about if the type of files are not on this list, I don't see an option like Windows has the "Open With" option and lets you browse to a particular program.

    Sorry for so many questions but I figured I would try to fit everything into one post.
    I am open to any suggestions/information.

    Thank You All In Advance

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    GParted is on the LiveCD you used to install Mint. You can also install it with the command: sudo apt-get install gparted. You can also format from the terminal with the mkfs command which has thousands of explanations/tutorials on the net.

    To prevent the lock, go to System Settings from the Main Menu tab, click on Screen and then set lock to Off.
    Not sure what you are talking about in number 2. You refer to .exe files which don't exist in Linux and to File Explorer?? Do you mean the file manager?
    I don't have Mint installed so I'm not sure about the screen saver. Might check in System Settings or Mint Forums.
    Renaming can easily be done with the rename command or the mv command.

    In System Settings again, click on System Info and then Default Applications on the left side of the window.
    Have you tried moving files in that manner. What happens. Should work.

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    Thank you for your response,


    I agree I think GParted is the way to go, apparently this option was not programmed into the Cinnamon Desktop.



    I don't think Cinnamon comes with any screensavers.




    Thank you again for your help

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    Gparted or some other partition manager is included on pretty much any Linux Live CD but is not usually included with an install. Usually one is better off using a Live CD as changing partitions on a running system often leads to problems.

    Renaming files should be available by right clicking on any file icon and selecting rename. Or you can easily do a few file with the mv command. mv file file1 will rename a file named file to file1.

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