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    virtual box help

    Hello I am using linux mint 15 cinnamon. I am starting college soon. I will need windows but I don't want to use it. I could duelboot but I would rather just use a virtual machine because then I can multitask between windows and linux when I want. Is there a way for the virtual box to read the cds i insert or read a flash drive i put in? And is there a way to swap files from the virtual machine to the real machine?

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    Shared Folders is an option with VirtualBox and Guest additions need to be installed. You can get more details at the link below to the User Manual for VirtualBox

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    Yes. All these things are very easy to do with virtualbox.

    CD/USB mounting:
    Just install Guest Additions by going to the "Devices" menu when you're booted into your Windows VM. Click on "Install Guest Additions".
    Also, install the virtualbox extensions. This will give you the option to enable USB 2.0 support by clicking the VM in the VirtualBox Manager, then "Settings" > "USB". I'm not sure how installation is done in Mint, but if you can't find Mint-specific instructions. Just download this You might be able to just double click the downloaded file. If that doesn't work, then from the VirtualBox Manager, go "File" > "Preferences" > "Extensions". Click the little blue diamond icon and point it to the vbox-extpack file.

    When you stick a cd or usb device in your machine that you want to access in your Windows VM, Click on "Devices" > "USB Devices" and check off the device you want to mount.

    Swap files from VM to real machine. Very easy with Linux guest+Windows host. From VirtualBox Manager, click the Windows VM on the left, then click on "Settings" > "Shared folders". Then click the little folder icon and enter the folder path on your linux host that you want to share with the vm (e.g. /home/yourusername). I'd also choose to auto mount. That's it.

    I hope that's all clear. Virtualbox is really great as long as you have a gig or two of ram to share with Windows. Just be warned that 3D support is pretty crappy still. It seems to work ok with some actual 3d stuff, but I've found it to break some other simple and important things (e.g. Chrome is unusable when 3D is enabled for some reason). If you want to play games or use apps that require 3D support (e.g. Google Earth, maybe GIS?), I suggest a small partition on which to install Windows natively.

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    I fiddles around with VirtualBox for a few. And tough I never needed the ability to mount external media, I used the same link posted by yancek to achieve it.
    Great link for VB usage... it should have what you need.

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    Well thanks for the help I will read up on the virtual box so I can use it.

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