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Thread: Startx help

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    Startx help

    Hello I know this is probably a wierd request but I want to be able to have to type starx when I start the computer I know people try not to be able to do that but I want it to start up to the terminal and type startx to start it. I just want too lol I don't know.

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    you need to boot into text mode, which used to be run level 2 or 3, depending on your distro. a proper edit of your grub config file should do it. things are changing (i.e., getting more complicated), but try this Mint-specific how-to for the steps required.

    when the system is done booting, you should be at a console login prompt.

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    Hey thanks that really helped. Im at the office a lot and have to leave my computer out to I just make it so its really confusing for a normal user to start lol. Thanks again.

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    if you like that, then you might like vlock - it is like a screensaver for console sessions. i'm sure it is in Mint's repos...

    there is also the Bash TMOUT variable, which when set, will automatically log you out of a shell after you are inactive for the number of seconds specified in that variable.

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    Thanks for the help. I will check vlock out and whe bash TMOUT. that helped a lot thanks

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