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    Random crashes...

    emachine T5026 desktop Intel P4 3.06MHz 160GB HD 1GB RAM running Mint 13 LTS KDE
    Fresh install on 21JULY from good live DVD

    Has randomly crashed to black screen with white text, 2 times yesterday and 2 times so far today.

    Pretty sure screens, when it crashes, have been different but last crash the screen read:

    *Checking battery state........ [ok]
    Speech dispatcher disabled: edit /etc/default/speech diapatcher


    .2328.047875]BUG: Unable to handle kernel paging request at 03000034

    Sorry, not sure how I can capture these pages for better info to give.

    Having no other problems with desktop and it's current on all updates.

    Aside from a solution to this, I'd like to know how to pull up any logs from these crashes to determine problem.

    Would also like to find a good tempature sensor software to monitor CPU temp, HD temps and fan speeds.

    Thanks to all for any help or suggestions!!!

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    This could be faulty memory. If the Mint DVD has a "Memtest" option when you boot, let it run over night. In some cases you may need to remove all but one RAM module, test it and then swap it for another one.

    [edit]In Mint 15 press Esc when it is counting down and the option is "Memory Test"[/edit]
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