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    I think Xscreensaver messed up my system...

    I am running Mint 13 Cinnamon. Everything was fine until a couple says ago when I decided to install xscreensaver. I installed (and uninstalled) via command line "sudo aptget" etc. But now, I've started to experience some problems.....
    - The taskbar (panel) will not allow editing. I have already ticked "Edit Mode" in the Panel options under Cinnamon Settings. Right-clicking on a quicklaunch icon, for example, used to give the option to move, delete, etc. Not I only have the options to launch and properties. I can not add or remove applets, and I even changed the setting to move the panel to the top of the screen, no changes. And yes, I have rebooted multiple times.
    - Before, I could go under Power in the System Settings and change how long until the screen turns off after inactivity. These options also no longer work. I chose 1 minute, for example, but the screen will stay on.
    - I decided to log in under a different DE. So I logged out, and chose Gnome Classic. No change...when I log in, still Cinnamon.

    The last one isn't a huge deal to me, but the first two are. I don't know what xscreensaver could have done, but these things works prior to it's installation. Any ideas on how to get it back to the way it was?
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    UPDATE: So, to me, it seemed my above mentioned issues were issues with Cinnamon, so I performed an update. I updated Cinnamon from 1.4 to 1.8. This corrected the blank screen issue. Unfortunately, the panel issue and the ability to log on in a different session, are still not corrected...
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