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    chinese text in file viewer

    I`m one of the newbies to linux and just installed mint 16,
    I`m having a couple of minor problems and would be greatfull for any help offered.

    1, when I view a cd/dvd in the linux files explorer I see all the item on the disk in a chinese font, I did not install any language packs when I installed mint.

    2, One of the main things that I want to be able to do with this pc is when I switch it on I would like it to automaticaly play my masive mp3 file collection in a random order. Itried with vcl and banshee. both only seem to support a limited playlist and not one that self loads at startup.

    any hints or tips apreciated.

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    What do you see when you run 'locale' from a command line?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregm View Post
    What do you see when you run 'locale' from a command line?
    Not the fogiest, I`ll try that tomorrow morning, Thanks

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    well tried that its all en/us.
    closed the window, went back to the cd and now its all english.
    its a pc thing and a bit flakey around the edges.
    i might put win ME back on this machine

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    i might put win ME back on this machine
    just installed mint 16,
    Howdy. I am a oldbiker also. You are confusing me. ME capable computer and Mint 16 capable computer are generations
    apart. Here is a screenshot of my Motorcycle shop computer playing streaming radio through a external 200 watt per channel
    amplifier in the shop.

    Pretty much doing what you wanted to do in Mint.
    That computer was dug out of a dumpster.

    At least post computer specs. Like that one I dug out of a dumpster was a Emachine 3507, Pentium 4, 512 MB of ram
    that a bored out to 1 gig of ram. I still have (it's a old screenshot) that POS.

    I even made a video with it.

    It is still running as I type this out on my netbook.
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