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    Mint 16; Installer Crashed

    I tried to install mint and various other distros [including ubuntu] through live USB keys a couple of weeks ago, and despite the fact they worked on many other labtops and computers, mine wouldn't even recognise them. I was told, after checking my BIOS setup that it was probably an issue with my USB ports and to try with a disc at another time.

    Burning an iso with my sisters laptop didn't really work out, be it her laptop or the DVD itself, but when I popped into my local easons, I spotted one of the magazines with a disc completely with three distros to try, amongst them, Mint 16.

    Not having any experience with installing an OS of any kind, my friend volunteered to dual boot it for me one lunchtime. She assured me that although she wasn't familar with Mint, she would be able to do it no problem. She muttered something about partitions on my hard drive and handed it back to me when it started to install. The problem was when the installer crashed, and instead of launching the bug reporter like it said it would, nothing happened. When I restarted and tried to use Windows, it told me there was a problem with my hard drive, which my friend then suggested it would be better to try again, but to wipe the hard drive. Silly me decided to go along again, wiping my hard drive and still the installer crashed. I can't reinstall Windows either, as it came preinstalled, and I can't seem to burn the disc image onto a DVD properly.

    It's happened every time now, and if I wanted Ubuntu, Debian or the like, that's the distro I'd be trying to install. At the moment however, I'm left without an OS on my hard drive, running Mint off the DVD.

    I can't take my laptop to a specialist; around where I live, people haven't so much as heard of linux, and as far as hardware goes, they tend to treat everyone like idiots and over-charge for fictonal problems.

    Any help or advice for me? I freely admit to being a newb, and so anything would be much appreciated.

    The installer typically gets to the retrieving files stage and then crashes, but on my most recent attempt at installation it was on file 69/69. I have more than enough memory, a power supply and I am connected to the internet. I'm using a HP Pavilion g series laptop, just a little over a year old.
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    Searching for info on installing on a HP g series returns a few articles with people have install problems. Many of the article not much info. Below is one with a little info about the harddrive partitioniong on that series HP.

    [ubuntu] Can't install ubuntu in HP Pavilion G-Series Laptop

    Worst case if you didn't make recovery disks before wiping your hard drive you will have to contact HP and get a set. HP usually charges a minimal fee to send recovery disks. That will get windows back on your laptop.

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