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    Linux for Gaming and Rendering

    Hey all, I am a complete and utter noob at Linux in general. I just installed it (Linux mint 16). I have an AMD Phenom II 840T Quad-Core Processor and a GTX 430 Graphics card. So when I play games with Linux installed (like Kerbal Space Program and Rust) I can definitely tell that something is amiss. I could play Kerbal at maybe 60 FPS on windows and its maybe less than 20 at times now. It feels like Linux is not utilizing my graphics card and potentially my additional CPU Cores. Am I wrong about this? Also I have read about making a custom Kernel and wanted to know what that was all about!
    Thank you so much in advance!
    (P.S. go easy on me I have barely even figured out how to use the terminal hahaha)

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    It's probably still using the open source Nouveau drivers. I think Mint uses Device Driver Manager to install the proprietary drivers which will give greatly improved performance but are not open source. It should be in the administration or system menu if I remember correctly.
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    OK so it gives me a list:

    At the bottom it says no proprietary drivers are in use. Each of those items in the list has a check box next to it. I think it had nvidia-304 or with updates, but I checked nvidia-331 and hit apply changes, it is now doing something and loading. I will tell you if this helped! If I checked the wrong box please tell me!
    Thanks so much

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    Yeah that worked! Just selecting the top one nvidia-331 worked!
    Thanks man

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