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    Linux Mint won't boot to PC

    I am new to Linux. I have been able to successfully create Linux-Mint 16 on boot cd, Linux-mint 16 boot on USB flash and Precise Puppy boot on CD. All of these work perfectly on my HP Intel I7 laptop. ONLY Precise Puppy will work on my Desktop (AMD quad-core). I tried all of these on a friend's Intel PC and they worked fine.

    Linux mint just gives me a bunch of text on my desktop. I've attached one of the screens for reference.
    Is it the processor that makes the difference ??
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    It would help to give minimal hardware specs (make and model, cpu, RAM installed, graphics card and/or chipset info) so recommendations could be made,
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    Some specs

    Thanks for your response;
    AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-Core processor, 8GB ram, 64 bit.

    Graphics card is AMD Radeon HD5700 series

    I did notice that there is another graphics card in Device Manager but it has been disabled (in device manager). I was wondering if Linux is going to that card instead.

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    When you downloaded the distros did you check against the MD5 sum that they weren't corrupted?

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    Yes. I also loaded them onto two other PC's.

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    With strace showing in error. It makes me think kernel panic.


    as boot cheat code. Google it if you don't know Mint boot cheat codes.
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    Thanks rokytnji,

    You're obviously a lot more knowledgeable than I am on Linux. I did some Googling of Mint Boot cheat codes, but I haven't actually found out HOW to use them. I was able to boot from the CD into "compatibility mode" and it warned that I was running without the aid of a Video hardware accelerator. I might be mistaken, but I think this means you are correct in your analysis.
    I saw something about adding the code to the menu.1st folder, so I plugged in the USB version of Linux boot to see if I could find it and change luck. I'll keep looking though. Thanks again for your help.

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    I saw something about adding the code to the menu.1st folder,
    menu.lst is not a folder, it is a file used in Grub Legacy. Mint 16 and several versions previous to it use Grub2. The file you would need would be in /boot/grub/ and is named grub.cfg. I expect you would need that entry on the linux line of the Mint menuentry.

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    Trying to get Linux to select the correct video device

    pressing e.jpgI went into BIOS to change my video. I was able to change the order to didn't make any difference. The next step was to attempt to change the boot line in Linux. I pressed "e" and was able to see the line in the attachment.

    I tried entering the line radeon.modeset=0 at the end of the line and at the end of the "ro" difference.

    The on-board video is: ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics
    the card that I am using for windows is AMD Radeon HD5700 series. Once I get this issue figured out I intend to install LM on an internal HD by itself so it's completely isolated from windows.

    I thank you for your help.

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    Thanks for your replies to my problem.

    There seems to be an issue with AMD vireo cards. (See: forums (dot)linuxmint(dot)com/viewtopic.php?t=122257)

    I was able to change the loading sequence of the BIOS to GFXO-GPP-IGFX-PCI, but it didn't make any difference. ( I am still not sure why it didn't make any difference unless LM sees the AMD video driver for WIN and skips it. I am not sure how to load 2 different video drivers into the system. If I could, I'd put the AMD Linux driver in too (it's on the AMD site).

    I tried loading LM from the boot cd to an external drive when Linux was in compatibility mode, thinking that somehow it might pick up the video.

    My next approaches will be to:

    (1) try to figure out if there is some way to load the video driver into the LM on the external HD. I just have to find a way to load it as a proprietary driver, when Linux isn't working correctly. and (2) Continue to see if anyone has found a solution to this in the forums.

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