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    root folder is full

    I am SLOWLY making progress. I have installed Mint Maya to a Dell Inspiron 8200 (graphics issue). I have also installed it (dual boot with XP) to an Averatec 6210 w/SiS graphics (another problem child).

    I set it up with the following folders on the 6210:
    boot = 900MB > actual listed 899MB
    /root = 20GB > actual listed 19998MB
    /home = 95GB > actual listed 94998MB
    swap ~ 2GB >> RAM = 2GB > actual listed 2195MB

    The XP drive is 40GB

    but now with install complete, the root folder is FULL with only 9.6GB size showing.

    WHAT happened and how do I fix it without reinstalling?

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    /root and '/' are not the same. Do you mean '/' (also referred to as 'root')?
    /root is the root user's home directory. If you gave /root it's own partition, that was silly.

    Anyway, let's see an output of
    df -h
    fdisk -l

    and we might be able to help you a little better.

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    If you mean / then it's not particularly full. It has all the software on there and the logs and so on but all of your personal data and settings will be on the home partition. I typically set my / partition to be 25GB and on a fresh install with all my software added, there is just shy of 13GB free. If you are coming from the world of Windows, then I suspect that you'll be amazed at how little space software takes up.

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    You must be very much more advanced than I am, I always let the Live CD/DVD set up the partitions for me as it knows what it wants.

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    thx for the replies. Good info.
    However, it was a cockpit problem.
    Somehow Linux never installed on HDD and I left the CD in so it just kept booting off that
    which is why it was full.
    So I started over cause something happened to my Windows install.
    Now to figure out how to REALLY get Linux installed.

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