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    Dual boot Windows 8 and Linux Mint on different drives

    Hi, my laptop contains two hard drives, both just under 1000 gigs. I'd like to dual boot both Windows 8 (what I'm currently running) and Linux Mint, but instead of partitioning one of the drives I'd like to dedicate one hard drive to each OS. I've seen tutorials for how to dual boot, but most of them explain how to do so on one hard drive. The few I've seen for how to do it using a secondary hard drive aren't very straight forward, and left me slightly confused. Can someone explain how to do this to me straight forward? Also, will I be able to choose which OS to boot at startup, if not how would I select which OS to boot? Thanks in advance!

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    After you install Windoze 8, you will install Linux; however, you will need to select the manual partitioning option when you do. That way, you can select the drive that Linux will be installed on (the second drive in your case). The Linux loader (usually grub, or grub2) will be installed on the boot sector of the boot disc, and give you a choice of which OS to boot from. Remember, do backup your Windows disc BEFORE you do this. If you need instructions how to do that, ask and we will guide you.
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