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Thread: Joypad issues

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    Joypad issues

    First of all hi everyone?
    Recently i got a steam account on my linux mint laptop amd downloaded a few games. Since then I discovered I could use xboxdrv to program my joypads to work as a regular xbox controller to play games on it. Fantastic. Only issue was that the joypad was being conflicted acting as a mouse also and it would go off on its own in all kinds of directions. So i uninstalled something called xserverxorg-input-joystick and that stopped the intererence. GREAT.

    But... since then because it doesnt detect mouse movement, after around 10 minutes of play the game minimises to the bottom of the screen. And this happens every time. I have disabled automatic updates etc but no joy (pardon the pun).

    The reason I think this is due to lack of mouse or keyboard input is because if I play with a mouse and keyboard, the issue never occurs. So I am stumped.

    Is there a way I can manipulate mouse movement with the joypad so it thinks there is activity? I have also tried including --mouse command within my xboxdrv command too and that just screws everything up the same way xserverxorg-input-joystick did.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, or do I just give up hope on pc gaming altogether and stick to the consoles?

    Thanks in advance

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    WOW! 264 views and not one single suggestion. Well I sorted it myself. Anyone else having the same issues just look to the basics. My lock screen was set to a 10 minute delay so I turned it off. Serves me right for over analysing.

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