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    Qiana Studio 17.3 64bit - A Linux Mint-based A/V-System

    Dear Linux (Mint)-enthusiasts!

    I want to introduce you to our little community-project that we started just 3 years ago to make a lightweight- but powerfull A/V-distro basing on Linux Mint!

    As there are more than three good and working "big players" (Ubuntu Studio, KXStudio, Tango Studio) we decided NOT to make a totally new distribution, than more the integration of the fabulous KXStudio-Repos in Linux Mint+some more apps and own improvements!

    Ubuntu Studio=Ubuntu based, XFCE-desk
    KXStudio= Ubuntu based, KDE-desk
    Tango Studio= Debian based, MATE-desk
    Maya-/Qiana Studio=Linux Mint based, MATE-desk

    Our first version was "Maya Studio" which based on LM 13 (32bit) with Mate-Desktop as a stable digital audio workstation:

    Last weeks we released our new 64bit-version which is based on Linux Mint 17 and 17.3 with Mate-desk: , calling Qiana Studio!

    The main intention of Maya/Qiana Studio is to give people who love Linux Mint (with MATE as the favourite desktop) an easy and stable entrance to the great world of making music, art, video and graphics under Linux, with KXStudio and some more!

    For professional audio-support pulseaudio was replaced with Alsa/Jack.

    The new Bitwig Studio 1.3.11 with usable "Demo-Mode" (saving/export disabled) is "on board" to play it live!
    Also Bitwig gave 50 licences for Bitwig 8-track:

    It's well tested on many machines- stable and ready to make music, video, photo, graphics and some more arts!

    All people that want to be creative- beeing a dj or soundproducer, record a band or making a podcast, creating a video or working with photographs should have a look on it..

    We are searching for 2- 5 people more, that helping seeding our torrent!

    Everybody who wants support our project with some little bandwidth is really welcome:

    Just download our torrent:

    and let it staying in your favourite torrent-app like transmission or deluge..- so that people with lowspeed internet
    are able to get Qiana Studio via the torrent-protocol too!


    md5sum: 522bcb29644c9a14b90f94613d5d1001

    torrent-hash: d8bc44102bb7d8ac3a8a29d4a1ee5fc3ad681739

    BIG THANX for supporting us!

    chalee, Phil and kAte

    (Sorry, for posting http-links we need to post 15 threads!
    -just complete the adresses by yourself )

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    QStudio64 17.3 SX


    25y-LINUX-JUBILEE-EDIT (Black Edition)

    - Kernel Linux 4.4.0-57-lowlatency x86_64

    security-patches: CVE-2016-5195 (DirtyCow)
    and: CVE-2016-8655!

    - ALL updates <DEC 2016

    - new Shotcut (Video-Editor)

    - new bitwig 8track/demo 1.3.15

    - updated codecs (ogg,lame,flac, mp4)

    - dark black themes

    - font-improvements


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