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    KVM with Windows guest in dual screen mode


    I'm running Linux Mint 15 Olivia. Set up a Windows 7 virtual machine via Virtual Machine Manager 0.9.4. Runs fine - with one single screen.

    Is there a way to run the VM in dual screen mode using my two physical monitors?

    (I'd like to remotely connect to another machine which has two monitors, and tunneling from Windows to Windows seems to be the best solution, as of now.)

    Thank you in advance,

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    Is this a laptop or workstation? Also, what video hardware are you using? Assuming your video hardware supports multiple physical displays, then the display manager should allow you to set up a "bridged" video system where you have one virtual display. You can then put the virtual machine display on one window. I do that all the time on my Gnome-based CentOS system. If I'm not using the VM, I have twice the screen space for stuff that I am working on.
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    i'm sorry i cannot help with this topic!

    Quote Originally Posted by sphen View Post
    I'm running Linux Mint 15 Olivia.
    mint 15 is not supported!
    it's dead, end of life!

    unfortunately you cannot "just update" it.

    most probably you must completely re-install and install a current version, preferably 18.
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    Thank you both for your replies, and sorry for my late reply.

    @Rubberman: Desktop, workstation using onboard graphics of the Gigabyte mainboard. One virtual display does work , but I want the VM to use two displays. And on the "real" machine, two displays are supported (one via DVI, one via VGA, as of now, + some xrandr startup script, worked with HDMI as well).

    @nihili: You are perfectly right. Honestly, I've been lazy. Never change a running system and all that... .

    Kindly "freeze" this topic for now, I'm checking xfreerdp again for "native" connection from Linux to remote Windows. And yes, I'll think about Mint 18.

    Anyhow, I'll come back here later to report my (final?) solution.

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