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    web notifications (push)?

    Iv been checking out the web notifications (push notifications) that you can switch on for a lot of sites like twitter, youtube and reddit etc but they hardly ever work. On firefox this tester works while the page is open but not when the tab closed [*removed cos first post*] but iv set reddit and twitter and a few other sites to allow notifications but i never see them.

    This tester work great , even works when the tab is closed. [*removed because first post*]

    actually twitter does show the popup notifications but only while im actually on the site, other sites iv never seen notifications at all.

    I have also noticed that if im using another browser for a while (receiving no notifications) and then open vivaldi or chrome i get an instant flood of notifications of all the things that should have notified me whilst i was using another browser but after that i dont get any more notifications at all from anything except from twitter but only while im on the twitter page

    On reddit i used the preferences/messaging options/send message notifications in my browser/test button and it works fine but i never get notifications from reddit when i should be getting normal notifications. [*removed because first post*]

    Iv tried it with firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave & Opera

    Im on Mint18.1 KDE plasma 5

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    So you couldn't get it working on any of those browsers?

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