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    How to mount RAID1 drivers?

    I'm wanting to build a file/Plex server with Linux Mint 64bit (latest version).

    I have 3 drives:
    - 1 x 250GB SSD (OS)
    - 2 x 4TB Sata Seagate

    I have created a RAID1 array in the BIOS with the 2 4TB drives. Next I would like to mount the RAID1 array to a fold (/RAID_Drives). I open a terminal and run "ls -l /dev". I see sda, sdb, sdc. Where is the RAID array I created in the BIOS?

    Why am I seeing all the individual drives? In Windows if you RAID 2 drives you end up seeing 1 drive total in "My Computer".

    First, where is the RAID1 array and second how do I mount it?

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    It was because of "fakeRAID".

    Okay, I understand "fakeRAID" now. Basically motherboard RAID doesn't work unless you went out and bought a RAID controller for your motherboard. I will no longer use the motherboard for my RAID configuration.

    I did get RAID configured correctly using the software (mdadm).

    Next I need to have the RAID array keep it's configuration after a reboot. My first attempt it crashed and I think it's because the RAID configuration hadn't finished yet. I know there's a file I need to edit as well.

    I can't really test out anything yet because I just started the RAID configuration on 2x4TB drives. It's going to be awhile.......and I mean awhile.....

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    Software defined storage!
    ZFS & BtrfS are FS & volume manager combination that allows to define SW RAID. Offers much more additional features too.

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