Last Wednesday I installed LM 19.1 to a PNY 16Gb (2.0) pendrive. After 3 days, I'm still getting lagging/freezing issues. It took just shy of 3 mins. for it (LM 19.1) to boot, then about 1 and half mins. to load browser. When going between "sites" using browser, sometimes it goes to the page almost immediately, other times it may take up to a minute or so to load. Today I had 6 "updates" from update mngr. and it's been 45+mins. and it only halfway??? Also, I've tried several times, to move the time/date to the left in the task bar, and it always reverts right back to where it was. Problem: time/date soooooo far to right, in task bar, it cannot be seen. D/l's always freeze, at first, then after a bit will start. I've always liked using LM and don't believe these problems should exist. Anyone able to help out?