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    Problems w/ LM 19.1

    Last Wednesday I installed LM 19.1 to a PNY 16Gb (2.0) pendrive. After 3 days, I'm still getting lagging/freezing issues. It took just shy of 3 mins. for it (LM 19.1) to boot, then about 1 and half mins. to load browser. When going between "sites" using browser, sometimes it goes to the page almost immediately, other times it may take up to a minute or so to load. Today I had 6 "updates" from update mngr. and it's been 45+mins. and it only halfway??? Also, I've tried several times, to move the time/date to the left in the task bar, and it always reverts right back to where it was. Problem: time/date soooooo far to right, in task bar, it cannot be seen. D/l's always freeze, at first, then after a bit will start. I've always liked using LM and don't believe these problems should exist. Anyone able to help out?



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    It's been a week now, and nothing's improved. And I haven't gotten any replies to this thread(???) OK, so let's go this route. Since no one wants to help with the "issues" I've posted about, perhaps you could help me by suggesting a site, tutorial, or video that would be of help to me? I'd really like to get this O.S. running properly. Oh, and the "updates" install ended up taking just over 57 mins. Something definitely wrong there. Looked back into my threads (about 3 years or so) and have noticed all my "problems" started after I migrated from 17.3.....any comments on that?


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