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    Stupidly deleted partition ...

    Hello everyone!

    I hope I am posting this into the right place.
    So ... I don't realy want to go into the details how and why, but it happened. And I am very ashamed ... I deleted my windows partition. Now I cannot boot into windows nor get to my files.

    I am pulling my hair out here. I have searched the internet for recovering deleted partitions, but it seems all need to be installed on windows, which I can not do. It makes me kind of angry and frustrated, because I know everything is still there, I just cannot access it. Certainly I do not want to install any OS before I do something about those files.

    Is there anything I can do? Is there any live cd, which would help me recover my ntfs partitions? Will I have to reinstall everything?

    I will appriciate any advice.
    Thank you in advance.


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    Welcome to the forums!

    The best tool that I know of for recovering partition tables is TestDisk:

    TestDisk - CGSecurity

    ...the documentation can be found at the bottom of the page.

    You can find TestDisk on the Parted Magic LiveCD:

    Parted Magic News

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    Thank you very much! I remember using gparted cd some time ago, but I wasn't sure if it's for recovering partitions too.

    Thank you again for the quick reply.

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    &Imeuta >> 4.7777777777777777
    Ok, so it's fixed? Oh, and I prefer the "Linux system rescue CD". It has a lot of useful tools and saved me when I did "if=/dev/sda" instead of "if=/dev/sdb" when I was erasing the MBR on my thumbdrive. My cursing must have been heard for a mile away. I never got back my little 2GB haiku partition. :-( Anyway, use that distro for things like this if you hosed your machine like me.

    EDIT: I see you are trying to recover a WINDOWS partition. Hopefully you will delete it again after you get your files. >:-)

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