I have been searching for a tutorial or even just a few pointers on how to create a theme for KDE. I can't figure it out. Is there some WYSIWYG application available, or do I need to be a coder? I am pretty good with the GIMP, and I have been playing with themes for a little while. I would any information regarding the creation of themes from bootsplash to all aspects of the WM. Do I need to create themes for specific applications? If some, or hopefully most, applications are so-called theme-aware, is there some sort of translation layer that I can use to perhaps import an application's GUI and skin it?

If not, wouldn't that be a sweet project?

A WYSIWYG theme builder would be a lot of fun for people who simply want the ease of use, but still want the power to edit every aspect of their desktop.

Then in order to 'force' other applications to play nice, another WYSIWYG editor could import an application and translate the GUI to match the theme.

If there is ANYTHING like this, or if anyone is so inspired to take up this inspiration, please do. If there is anything I can do to help such a project, let me know.