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    two linux in a disk

    I have a pc with 2 disks: in the first (/dev/hda) there are soma windows installations, in the second (/dev/hdc) there is linux (Suse 8.1).
    I also would like to install red hat 8.0, so I tried to resize "suse" partitions, but Yast told me that resizing is possibile only if the partition is not mounted and it was impossibile to unmount it.
    How can I do?
    Maybe I have to boot from cd and resize using...what? (yast, or fdsik, or...)
    If I succeded in resizing, once I installed RH and lilo in MBR of hda, how can I set lilo to boot Suse?

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    Boot up your linux in single usermode...and the rezise you partitions..
    Then make an entry in /etc/lilo.conf for the things you want to be able to boot from and the execute the command lilo as root. The reboot your computer.



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    You can't shrink a partition while it's mounted, and we all know that the root partition can't be unmounted even in single user mode. You will need to boot from a CD. If you don't already have one, download Knoppix.
    I'm guessing that you're using ext2 or ext3? In that case, shrink the filesystem with resize2fs, and then shrink the partition to match its size with fdisk.
    RedHat's installation program will probably detect SuSE and make it able to boot that as well. Just don't use LILO, use GRUB instead.

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