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    Process within a process

    How can you start a process within another running process in Linux?

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    Sounds like you're talking about spawning a child process to run something. You do this by adding a '&' to the end of the command. Try this test, run the command to sleep 10 seconds without and with the '&' at the end of the command. Without '&' it'll be 10 seconds before the prompt reappears, with '&' the prompt will immediately reappear because the command runs in the child process. After the child process terminates you'll get a 'Done' message.

    # sleep 10 &
    [1] 14309
    [1]+  Done                    sleep 10

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    So you mean to say that you can a run a child process in the background? is there any other fork(), and create a new process after it....?
    I am newbie and sorry if i don't make sense here...thanks for the reply

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    Yes, a child process can run in the background, even if you log out. I still don't understand what you're trying to do. Could you provide an example. Also, you should read the JOB CONTROL section in the bash manpage (# man bash).

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