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    how to open a folder in graphical mode (in a window)using linux shell

    I was wondering is it possible to open a folder in graphical mode using linux shell(i.e. the window which shows the files/sub folders as icons) ... or open a web browser using linux shell...Is there any linux shell command to do this...

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    You can open any folder and see its contents in graphical mode using the command line. Lets say there is a file you wish to see the contents of in your home directory called "sprockets." If you are using KDE, use the kde file browser "konqueror." So it would be...
    konqueror /home/bilalb/sprockets
    or if you are already in your home directory...
    konqueror sprockets
    If you are in Gnome, use its respective file browser...
    nautilus sprockets
    To open Firefox from the command line, just open a terminal, type in "firefox" and press enter.
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    thanks for the quick response.......

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