I am dual boot-ing Mandriva2006 Free and Windows Xp and noticed while in windows that one of my usb ports broke down (nothing will connect anymore).

Windows works just fine, it only displays an unknown device under usb.
Linux on the other hand took it really hard. It freezes just after the setting hostname [...] message. By chance i was testing the voltages on the broken port when the system was freezed and accidentaly made a short [i was using an extension cable and i'm not sure whitch pair i shorted]. Surprisingly this accident unbloked my computer and it continued loading. The system froze again after the message starting HAL deamon [...] and continued after i applied the above "solution". After that it worked fine until the first restart/shut down when it seemed to hang again. The shut down eventualy completed on itself but during the process it kept telling me i have an unresponsive usb port(i think it was 7) and that a broken usb cable might be the problem but no cable was attached to my computer at the time.
I kept using Linux tis way a while now but the problem got worse, now i won't work even if i apply the short "trick" (it actualy work but i can not load any window manager because during their load X restarts).

If u know anyting i cold do or try to revive my system please don't hesitate.