My Scenario
I have a RH Linux box running as a PDC for around 16 users and it has run out of room. I have a new box running SUSE10 and want to make it my new PDC. How can I move the windows user profiles from the old server to the new one?

Here is what I have (unsuccessfully) tried so far
1) New server becomes PDC old one PDC disabled
2) Log on workstation as admin
3) Rejoin domain
4) Copy old profile to a backup spot
4) restart computer and log on as user
5) save a copy of the NT* and nt* files in the new profile
6) copy the old original profile over the new profile
7) copy the new NT* and nt* files to the new profile
log off and back on

This gives me and error about permissions on an APView file or something and then creates a temporary profile.

I have also tried doing the equivalent to the above on the new server. I have tried creating a new profile and deleting everything except the Local Setting directory and the NT* files and the copying the old profile to the new directory, this gives me a non-descript error when starting outlook (Windows could not start Outlook) how helpful is that. Tried a few other variations on the above theme but I just can't get enywhere.

Any ideas on moving a profile to a new server in the same domain?

Thanks all - great forum