Hi all,

I have a problem. I am in a network with a central server and subnetworks connected to this server. The subnetworks are not accessible to each other, and they can also not be accessed from the central servers (i don't have enough privileges i guess). So all i have is a telnet and ftp access (ssh might be possible later) to this central server from all the subnetworks. Very few programs are installed on this server including write, telnet, pico, and very few more. Programs not installed include ssh, links, ping, nmap. I want to be able to make connections from one subnetwork to another via the central server. I have two ideas.

1) I could write a client side script that would telnet into the central servers from the subnetworks, and would transfer data among them using the wrote command. It's something I don't prefer because write command may be removed any time from the central server.

2) I could write a client side script that would use the filesystem on the central server (/tmp or my home directory) to read/write data that is to be transferred from 1 terminal to another (what write command does without filesystem) and use to do as above.

I need help in either case. And most importantly I would want to ensure that I am not reinventing the wheel anywhere. Please reply