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    What the heck is an srpms?

    Total total newbie here...I am downloading version 7.3 and I see iso images for install cds ( 1 thru 3) then 2 more iso images for srpms disks...what are they and are they needed to install 7.3 in addition to the three install cds? is where the files in question are....
    Thanks and sorry if it's a dumb question...

    I just found the answer...looks like its a source rpm file...found it under a post with a processor question...someone named Jason (I think) explained it to someone else...
    I usually do a pretty good job of looking before I post...

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    micomp, are you talking about Red Hat 7.3? Why are you downloading 7.3. It was a good version, but you will probably be happier with Red Hat 9.

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    correct me if i'm wrong, but as far as i know srpm's are the sources of the rpm's corresponding to them..

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    I downloaded 7.3 because I was told this is the version we need for a project we are working on... I will check to see if it also supports 9.0
    I just want to get some Linux experience as well. I played around with a version of Mandrake and an old pentium 200mhz box and never could get the network card going in it to get on the internet. It was a 3com card but right now the model escapes me.
    Thanks for the input and looks like I may have inadvertantly posted this to the wrong board...I think it should have gone to the newbie board.

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