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    Okay so I have used linux quite a bit, but got very annoyed with the constant problems installing software and the lack of programs available. With the new updates to ubuntu, mandriva and fedora, I was wondering if you guys could give me insight on them. I'm really looking forward to a user-friendly linux, by that I mean that I would be able to install software without many problems, or easily solved problems, good hardware support for my sound card and my ati radeon x1300 agp pro card, along with support for my wireless microsoft mouse and keyboard. So basically that's all I'm looking for is the compatability with hardware and the easy installation of software, it would be nice if it had a big repository.

    So I am stuck. Mandriva, Fedora or Ubuntu. All look awsome and from the vague research I was able to read Ubuntu seems good, but I'm looking for opinions from more experienced Linux users, rather then mine which is quite new, yet not so new that I can't do anything in linux.

    I guess looks aren't that important since I am assuming there are places on the web where I can go to change things like, toolbar look, mouse look, backgrounds easily.

    If you need anymore information just ask,



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    Hiya barqers/Frenchie,
    Welcome to the forums.
    Why not download all three and see which one you like best? I would say for a newbie, try Ubuntu first, then Mandriva, if you feel up for more then try Fedora.
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    They are all free for the downloading, so definitely try all three and decide for yourself. Who knows, you might decide that you don't like any of them.

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    Okay thank you both, I will try ubuntu as I just finished downloading it. Hopefully this will be good, I have heard good news about this new update to 7.04 feisty.

    Hopefully learning more about linux will be easier with this version.


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    Why are you restricting yourself to those 3 distros? There are plenty out there that fit your criteria. If you're looking for good hardware support, SuSE and Knoppix could be right up your alley. Still, I think you could benefit greatly from Mandriva or Ubuntu. It sounds like you're going to try Ubuntu; that's good. Ubuntu's very user friendly and has huge community support. Any problems you encounter can probably be resolved with a simple google search. If you decide you don't like it, move on to another and do the same thing you did with Ubuntu. Eventually, you'll find one that fits. Good luck.

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