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    Backup and more backup

    Obviously, this is about backup. I am running into a swirl of backup programs thrown at me, mainly for Ubuntu, which currently I'm using until I get some Mandriva issues worked out.

    1. What backup program do you suggest? Currently I use the basic command line version, it works, I give it that.

    2. Perhaps more importantly, what do you use for an .iso creation? I am using graveman right now, very fast indeed but not sure on stability. It won't boot to the disk but that shouldn't matter as I can just command line the package into a restore if need be anyway. However, I can't use the file at all if an iso it seems as I just checked.

    Note: I would like a decent .iso creation tool, something that would even take movie files, vob, etc... and create a dvd image too. I have so many home vids that I need to put to my disk to view on dvd, I use movie editors to splice and such but can't find anything to put them together into an iso for dvd. dvdauthor doesn't work and have tried many of the current package types and non-free types in my repos.

    So even a dvd movie creator wouldn't be a bad idea.



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    1. backup: tar (many options)
    2. cd/dvd write: wodim seems to be the current standard
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    Well, it seems outstanding results here, lolll.
    I was a bit surprised, usually people jump all over a backup question as it's one of the single most important aspects of computing no matter what you use. Anywho, thanks for the reply tpl.


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