How do I configure linuxwacom?

I have this Wacom pentablet and I love it (if it works)
This is what i did...

yum search wacom
And it found me linuxwacom.i368
so I did the yum install and yep, it did install, but now I'm kinda lost... Now what?

Fedora already detected my pentablet and after the install it still did, but nothing changed. (detecting and moving the pointer is not enough) It needs to get centered, configured to be used the way it should be.

So what did I do next... Well I found this linuxwacom website explaining every step on installing and configuring the tablet.
What's the problem you might say. Well, easy, Be new and go look at it. I haven't got a clue how the get some of the codes and what it is all about. It aint plain simple (to me) It confuses me.

So I'm wondering if someone here could help me out, like step by step.

Thanks guys