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    WINE vice versa?

    Is there any Linux emulators for Windows?

    By Linux emulator i mean a program that can run unmodified Linux elf binaries on windows XP+, like WINE runs windows binaries on Linux.

    The reason i ask is that i was developing a program of that description for some time now, and wanted to know, if iam reinventing the wheel.

    And a second question, if no such programs exists in active development, as Google suggests, is it worth the efforts?

    If you're interested in it, you can get a sample of my program along with some tested elf's here:

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    I don't think there is a ELF emulators for windows , but what i know it's you can adapt the Linux libraries and programs to run in Windows (this must be complicated ) , and also you can use even the GNU compilers under windows .

    But your program looks like uses only a simple C code and assembler so you can compile & assemble it under windows if you have the tools .

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    The idea was to run unmodified ELF programs on Windows.
    Some programs don't port over to Windows well.
    Sometimes the programs are binary-only.
    Might be interesting in theoretical sense too.

    But, i gather that the two-years worth of lack of replies speaks for the uselessness of the idea by itself.

    Or not?

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    I don't really think the project is useless. Just a little redundant. The reason I think that is this:
    WINE serves the purpose of letting us run those bare handful of Windows apps on our Linux box. Which is a good thing since most of us here will do everything possible to avoid paying for Windows just for the sake of running those few programs.
    On the other hand, if there happen to be a few applications that are Linux native, then the folks who know about the programs and need to run them most likely run Linux anyway.

    I'm not trying to knock your idea, but the only thing that I, personally, would need that for would be for perhaps loading those apps on to a computer at work.

    Just my 2 cents, though.

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