i currently have 2 OS running in my laptop (Vista and Fedora). Now i want to install another OS which is Solaris 10. I'm stuck in the middle of the installation. GParted and PartitionMagic indicates i have 4 partition( totalling 80mb):

-2 for my NTFS 40000+mb and 9000+ mb respectively
-anoter called 'Linux' which has 120mb which i think is where the GRUB resides and
-the last one 30000mb which has 2 extended partition: 1) has my Fedora 7 inside 2) for the Solaris 0S installation

now the problem is in the Solaris 10 installation like the example below:

How to Install Solaris 10

have only 4 place where i can choose which partition i choose to install the Solaris 10.

1 and 2 had been occupd by NTFS, 3 is the GRUB i think, and the 4th is the Linux partiton. the problem is that if i select the 4 th partition and choose Solaris than i'll be deleting the Fedora 7 right?...can someone please guide me .

if i choose 1/2/3 those partitions wil be deleted

some website said that i have to do this:

it is important to change the location where the GRUB loader is to be installed from the Master Boot Record (MBR) (/dev/hda) to the beginning of the Linux partition, in this case /dev/hda2. With the Solaris 10 OS, if you do not change where GRUB is installed, the Solaris 10 OS will overwrite the MBR during installation and you will not be able to boot your Linux operating system. You need to know how you are going to be using this operating system because there are different software packages for different users. I intend to use Fedora as a development environment but never as a server, so I chose the software development package.

my understanding is that if i change the location, means the 3rd partition is now free is it?