Hi, I run my laptop without a Desktop Envoirment.
So I thought lets make a Menu in Console.. So I worked on a program with nCurses that reads a Config File and Thus shows a Menu.
But now I have to call the program with "start-menu"
I want to change that to the "System" aka "Windows" button.
Is there a way to do this? Should I add code to the kernel?
Or should I make the Menu run as a Daemon? Or what is the best (if any) way to do this?

Well, I will share this Menu Thingy later on when its on 0.4 so people who might be interested just wait a minute

Edit: Forgot to mention that I know the .inputrc file.
But then the menu doesnt show up. It just prints the line. (and I have never used the System button with that command either..)