Why are first saying that FTP is "ultra-speedy" and then telling us that it's too slow? Am I just stupid?
No, you're not stupid. I'm just not a great writer. What I thought I was saying, in other words, was "If there is no way to do the DOS to LINUX transfer, is there another way that is just as ultra-speedy as the linux to linux transfer?"
But that wasn't the point, right? The problem was to transfer files from a DOS (or Windows) workstation to a linux server, at least that's how I understood it. I might be wrong, though.
Exactly. And it's MS-DOS. Transferring the files in question using FTP is going to take me a couple of hours, and I would rather wait a couple of days finding the solution that allows the super-fast transfer of linux than be forced to "attend" to FTP.

I'll get PKZIP for dos and see what happens. Thank you both for your suggestions.