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    Background Job Issue

    Good morning .

    I am accessing a remote server via putty and started a weblogic server by using a script and placed that job in background using the & after the script name.The
    weblogic script is running now.The problem I am facing is,I want to exit out of that specific putty session.But,I still want the weblogic server which was started by that script to be still running.When I try to exit out of the session by typing,"exit",the shell reminds me saying that,I still have some jobs running.

    host1: /opt/testdomain/3.0> jobs -l
    [1] + 18889 Running ./
    host1: /opt/testdomain/3.0>

    Now,how do I exit the putty session and still have the weblogic server running.The last time,I exited the putty session I remember the weblogic server process dying out.I cant afford this now as this is a development box.

    Please suggest.

    Any help appreciated.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hi dnvikram.

    Once you close the putty session, your background process will be send a
    hang-up signal. The usual response to this is for the process to terminate.

    You can prevent this by using the nohup command:
    nohup &
    Now when you exit the hang-up signal will be caught and your process should
    continue to run. The output of your script will be redirected to a text file
    in the working directory (called nohup.out or similar).

    cheers, kai

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