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    Recover files after deleting a partition

    I decided last night to install Ubuntu 7.10 on my laptop. It previously had Debian. I had a separate partition for /home, and so I planned on just setting that (15 GB ext3) partition as the /home mounting point when I installed Ubuntu. As I sometimes do, I ran into difficulties along the way. The installer kept saying it couldn't install, giving me generic answers...but that's not important. What is important is that, without thinking, I deleted all of the partitions in hopes of just being able to make new partitions during the install. That didn't work either. What I ended up doing was getting out my old Ubuntu 6.whatever CD, booting that, deleting all loose partitions besides the 75GB winXP one, and then rebooting into 7.10 and setting up the partitions again (a 5 GB /, a 15GB /home, and a small swap). Everything installed alright after that.

    The next morning (after I got some sleep into me) I realized my folly of my trial-and-error excursion the night /home was now gone!

    Is their a way to recover those files? Most of my important files (music, etc) are backed up elsewhere, and there are only a few things I would like to salvage from the drive.

    I know that ext3 deletes the filename and how big the file is from the inode when it deletes a file (normally making it very hard to recover data after you delete it) but I didn't really delete the files, I deleted the partition. I think Gparted does a quick format. The partitions may not even be in the same order either.

    So, is their a way anyone knows of to get files off of a deleted partition ?

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    I'm not sure that it'll work but check out TestDisk and PhotoRec for partition or file recovery. We've had others report that one or both worked for them.

    You can get TestDisk on the Parted Magic LiveCD:

    Parted Magic

    PhotoRec can be found here:

    PhotoRec - CGSecurity

    Good luck with the recovery.

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    Thanks for the quick reply ozar.

    I came across TestDisk in my google searches prior to posting, but it only looked like it could recover whole partitions. I'll give it another read though.

    I'll try Parted Magic later todan, thanks again

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