I'm running Kubuntu 7.10 on a 32bit machine with a GeForce 8600GT card.

I've activated the vesafb framebuffer as described at bugs.launchpad.net

Everything works fine, but I'd like to get some information on the framebuffer timings.
Basically, I'm looking for a program that does the same thing as fbset, which unfortunately does not support vesafb:
$ fbset -x

Mode "1280x1024"
    # D: 131.096 MHz, H: 80.328 kHz, V: 76.649 Hz
    DotClock 131.097
    HTimings 1280 1312 1472 1632
    VTimings 1024 1028 1032 1048
    Flags    "-HSync" "-VSync"
That's exactly the information I need, but... it's erroneous. My screen is not running at 76.649 Hz, but 59.6 Hz.
Any ideas on how to get the correct information?

same question in the German ubuntuusers forum (no solution yet)