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    How to switch off Motherboard Beeping?

    I have a laptop with linux on it that just keeps beeping all the bloody time. When gdm starts, when the machine switches to runlevel 6 to reboot, when I tab complete a command!

    The system works, but it is amazingly annoying.

    To stop the beeping on the tab completion I have added
    set bell-style none
    to /etc/inputrc which takes care of the beeps that were happening every minute of usage - but gdm, reboot and everything else still beep.

    How do I kill all beeps in the OS?

    EDIT: it's ok, I found that disabling pcspkr module does the trick

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    Hi this my first post so i pray that it helps, anyway to most poeple that command doesn't work so i think u should try this and see it works vim /etc/termcap, in that big list, scroll up and find and remove the entry <bl=^G> or u can replace it with bl=\E7\E[?5h\E[?5l\E[?5h\E[?5l\E[?5h\E[?5l\E[?5h\E[?5l\E8: which should make the screen flicker instead.
    Cheers buddy

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    1 I fixed it
    2. I don't want my screen to flicker.
    3. I have no /etc/termcap file
    4. My way is universal. No pc speaker module, no noise.

  4. $spacer_open
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    Oh ok, so what did u do?
    did u unplug the speaker?

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    read the original post, it was solved before you posted. i edited and changed the title to solved so you wouldn't need to look at it.

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