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Thread: why Linux

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    why Linux

    Please help me creating/writing a presentation, whose topic is "Why Choose Linux over Unix" or "The Benefits Of Linux over Unix".

    I am asking this becuase one of our client has intentions to buy IBM-AIX to run SEP. My task is to convince them to use/buy Linux(Enterprise Linux) to run SEP(ERP).

    I have some points in mind, on which I can write e.g Cost and wide range of Apps that can be run on Linux, but not on Unix. Linux is almost Hardware Independent, while Unix is almost hardware Dependent.

    I have heard that there is some support advantage using SEP(ERP) on Suse Linux Enterprise Server.

    Anyone of you can please provide me some points, or share any article on this subject.

    points that focus on COST, HARDWARE, Wide Range of Applications availability etc will also be appreciated


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    By far the strongest argument for Linux is that it
    is open source. Since you can read the source code,
    you can assure yourself that there will be no nasty
    surprises. your in-house programmers can fix bugs or make
    modifications. With AIX, you must trust IBM. With Linux,
    you can trust your own eyes by reading the source.

    Of course, businesses like to deal with other businesses
    because then they have someone to blame when things
    go wrong. Old habits die hard. I work at a printing company.
    They have computers on the presses. One day, a monitor went bad
    and the guy in the parts room located one on the net for a reasonable cost.
    The company insisted on buying one from the press manufacturer
    for five times as much because they felt more comfortable dealing
    with a familiar vendor.

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