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    About Linux software RAID

    So, I got this stupid noob question but it's bugging me.

    So, I have a ~200GB hard drive
    ~6GB for Linux OS (xubuntu) files and rest for "other stuff"

    The other stuff is on a xfs filesystem, mounted at (root)/stuff/

    Now I need to expand my HD space. And I'd need to have the /stuff/ expanded
    I can temporarily move the files away from the /stuff/ and format/etc. if needed (BUT NOT FORMAT THE WHOLE OPERATING SYSTEM)

    But still, is it possible to use only part of a HDD space on a software RAID setup?

    I understand mdadm is used mainly for this thing.
    So can mdadm create a RAID (I was thinking of using "linear" aka JBOD mode) that has both normal physical drive/drives and part/parts of a drive?

    A PICTURE TO DEMONSTRATE IT (lol great paint skillz)

    And the noobie question continues!

    So, because my Linux computer is old and ******, it ofc doesn't support SATA nor SATA II hard drives
    And buying IDE hard drives now would be kinda stupid - the technology is getting old (I might not be able to use the IDE hdd later on, on newer computers)

    That's why I was thinking of getting a cheapish RAID controller (PCI) with SATA connectors. How well does xubuntu handle these?

    And would the previous scenario be possible with it?


    If these aren't possible, what would you guys suggest?
    And pls don't say "buy a new comp" coz this needs to be as cheap as possible.


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    I think you might be much better off just using an all software solution. I would ignore the hardware capability of the card and just use all three partitions in software raid.

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    Have you looked at LVM? I think it's what you're looking for though you have to recreate your partitions whether you use LVM or RAID. The good thing with LVM though is that you can add one disk at a time as far as I know.

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    Most levels in linux software raid allow you to "grow" them. It looks pretty simple although I don't have specific experience with this.

    see mdadm manpage

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