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    RH9 freezes.. any gurus out there?

    I am running RH9 2 ( 2.4.20-8custom) and have a PCI-to-PCMCIA adaptor on my PC, and am using a EV-DO card (somewhat like a wireless card). My problem is that the computer freezes TOTALLY.. tehres no logs for the freeze.. nothing is logged in the kernal messages.. conr is not doing anything..
    The onyl thing i am doing is polling the evdo card ever second (using PPPD). This system freeze is totalyl random .. ranging from 2 minutes from the startup to 8+ hours. I have no idea whats causing this.. any ideas?

    If not then can anyone tell me what other places can i look for suspicious activites? as in whats the hardware.. i tried doing a cat /proc/interrupts> log_1 every second.. and that didnt tell me much. Is there anything else that i can monitor that will tell me about the freeze or what application or hardware iterrupt that caused it?

    or what are the possible reasons taht linux freezes? (i know it doent freeze much for sw problems) is there a list available anywhere?
    Anything else that i can try? I am running out of ideas ..

    Thanks for ur help,

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    does your computer freeze for 2min-8+ hours or does it take that long before it freezes?

    If it freezes that long i would make sure that all of your hardware is connected and you have the correct drivers/conduits, it could be a problem of data loss between teh 2 devices.

    If it takes a random amount of time, monitor your tempature, that is the cause of about half of all problems that take a "random amount of time" There are some utils out there that cna monitor stuff like that, but im not that experianced with linux, so im just guessing from a hardware perspective...

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    tahts teh amount of time it takes before it freezes...
    ill try the temperature suggestion out.. but i doubt that sicne there was no hardware addition to the systtem since last week. and back then it was working fine for days..

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