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    A free and good emulator?

    i have been searching the net for a few hours looking for good linux emulators and i came across this thread

    so i read a bit, and im hearing try this try that,

    so im wondering
    1: what is a good FREE LINUX EMULATOR, (i have windows running and want to get linux in a window)

    2: if possible i want the EMULATOR to be from the install so hmmm dont really know how else to explain this aside from you install, you open in window....

    3: doesnt take up a ton of space (i dont have alot of space on my hd free

    4: will work with 1.5gb of ram and a 2.66ghz cpu

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    I've recently played around with VirtualBox, and it seems to work well. There is a free and a paid version, but as far as I can tell the free version is fully functional.

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    thanks for speedy reply, but i am having a hard time finding out what one will work with Windows XP Sp2, on a Dell 1100 (all stock aside from a 1gb ram stick and the graphics card Diamond Stealth S85 -ATI Radeon 9250)

    also does that come with a version of Linux or can i use any one i choose?

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    qemu and bochs are both open source emulators

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    Any 'PC' or x86 emultor will work for you, but you will need to install your own version of Linux much as you would if you were running Windows in it. There are plenty available...VirtualBox, Qemu, VMWare, Bochs. Just set your virtualmachine to boot from CD so you can install from your CD.

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    ok thanks for the help =) ill give it a shot and be sure to come here if i still need help :P

    any distro you would recommend?

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    If you have Windows running, I'd definitely recommend VMWare Server, which is completely free. (1.0.4 is the latest.)

    You can easily give 256MB to a Linux virtual machine, and install say, Debian Linux. A base Debian install has a very small footprint - ~350MB. So to run a base Debian VM, you'd need about 256MB RAM and 1GB of disk space.

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    thanks =) ill give it a shot

    i downloaded one called Slax lastnight and gave it a shot all was good but for some reason the internet wouldnt work, but it was working fine in windows...

    and how do i add games / mods / and other things to it when im running it off of a iso? (ps im using VirtualBox)

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