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Thread: AOL on RedHat?

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    AOL on RedHat? that I git my floppy drive working, hehe I was wondering if I am able to connect to the net via AOL. However, my modem is not being detected, is this because it is a Winmodem? Anyway, if I do buy a compatible modem will I be able to use an AOL account, not the software, to connect?

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    It's most certainly because you have i winmodem. Since I live in Sweden I haven't had to touch a modem in a very long time, so I don't really know what the issue with them is, but there has recently been quite some flaming on that issue here. Check out, and you should find more info. Buying a normal modem would most likely work almost at once, but it seems like an unneccessary expense when there is an alternative.

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    Wow...Thank you very much.

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    My friends in AOL tech support say no, you must use their software - and I believed them because i never got it working without it (never really tried either, I dont have AOL)

    However I heve been told by a friend he uses AOL as an ISP just dialing in with a DUN - I am looking for more detauls(basically proof), I will get back to you when i get it.

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    Yeah I was wondering if I could just take my account name, password and a local access number to dial up without the craptastic software. Or I was thinking, will a Juno account work?

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