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    Weird ftp problem

    I have a script (really 2) that ftps a file to another server.
    If I run the script manually it processes fine.
    I then put it into cron and it has failed. Sometimes I get nothing in my log and sometimes I get 'EPSV': command not understood.
    Here is my command and the file it executes.
    ftp -n < /opt/mace/
    file to execute:
    open xx.xx.xx.xx
    quote user ftpuser
    quote pass ueserpass
    lcd /backup_dir
    put lits2*
    What am I missing????????? It's driving me to drink(thank goodness
    But it is a little crazy also.
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    Don't you need mput if you're using wildcards? Don't forget to toggle prompts off, too. (Or is lits2* a typo?)

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    lits2* isn't a typo, it is to ensure I get the file and incase there are more than 1 I get them all.

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    But if you're getting multiple files, you need to use "mput", surely?

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    First I'd like to thank you who helped.
    Now to be humbled. After redoing the scripts only 1 of my 3 transfers worked.
    Humm must be a timing problem, I'll change the order they are started and wait until the next day and see what happens.
    Well I just got my 1st pair of glasses(at 54) and when I went in to edit cron I notices something funny.
    Instead of having 2>&1 I had 2>$1 at a 10 font the 2 signs looked simular. The reason it happened on 2 ftps on 2 different servers is the name transfer were the same so I just cut and pasted the error.
    Thanks for the help(eating crow)

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