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    Uninstall Debian

    I hope this is the correct forum for this sort of thing. I am going to uninstall Debian on a dual boot system with Win2k. It's and old version of Deb that I installed from a Knoppix cd years ago. I have Ubuntu on another box. Fedora on another one. And Zenwalk on another. I want to free the Linux partition on the dual boot box and make it available to Win2k for storage. Ill be using Partition Commander to delete the Linux partition and format it as NTFS for Win2k. I'm guessing that after the delete and format that when I boot I'll get a message that os can not be found. I have never done this with W2k. Will a simple fdisk/mbr work with this version of Windows? I know it does with 98 and ME not sure about W2k. I'd just like to have a game plan before I go thru the changes. Am I thinking correctly here or not?

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    You'll need to reformat or delete the Linux partitions with any tool you have that can complete the job. If the utilities you have don't work for some reason, take a look at the PartedMagic LiveCD:

    Parted Magic

    It's small, quick, and very easy to use.

    You will also need to remove LILO, or GRUB from the MBR. If your Windows installation CD won't do it with fdisk /mbr for any reason, try using the SuperGRUB LiveCD. It's a great tool to keep on hand for working with GRUB, LILO, and Windows bootloaders:

    Super Grub Disk Webpage: Home Page

    Just download the current version, burn it to CD, and put it to work.

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    Tks I'll make a SuperGrub disk just to have it in my toolbox.

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    I didnt need the SuperGrub disk. Used Partition Commander to delete the Linux partition. Formatted it as NTFS. Started up with an old Win 98 boot floppy. At the a prompt typed fdisk/mbr. Everything worked out booted into W2K at next boot. I'll keep the SuperGrub disk. Never know when it may come in handy. I am always trying new and different Linux distros, and I am always changing the partition status of my drives. Never know ...I may even try XP. Nah I don't have 200 dollars to waste on that. Tks again.

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