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    Reading Idris files from Linux distro

    Hi guys
    Well I'll try to describe the problem!
    I'm working in analytical laboratory! Here we have a Perkin-Elmer 1750 FTIR which is equipt with Perkin-Elmer 7700 Professional Computer. The computer is running under IDRIS OS and is working with 5.25" disks. We need to retrieve the information from the disks under PC. We tried to read them under Ubuntu 6.10 using various file systems - sysv, jfs and many others listed in the mount manual but nothing happens I don't know what to do and I want your help! Any suggestions?!?!?!

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    If you don't know the nature of the filesystem on those floppies,
    it will be difficult to even guess whether you can mount them.
    Assuming you have a 5.25 drive on a Linux machine, and you know
    which type (they aren't compatible), and you know something
    about the format (how many tracks and sectors), you could copy the data
    raw to a file, and try to analyze it. Google is your friend.

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    We did it with kermit protocol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oggy_bogy View Post
    We did it with kermit protocol!
    Thanks for reporting back on that... I was curious about how you might be able to achieve success with it.

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